Sunday, May 13, 2012


I did it! I reached my first weight loss goal.
I officially weigh 5% less than I did when I joined weight watchers a little less than 2 months ago.
My other unofficial 1st goal was to be able to wear my wedding rings again...and I am ALMOST there!
This morning I was able to get my wedding ring all the way on my finger. It's still too tight to wear, and I wasn't able to put on my engagement ring with it- but it won't be much longer before they are back where they belong.
So now my new goal is to lose another 10%...which would put me at 248 lbs. I haven't seen that number on a scale since just after Ciara was born. (I lost 30 lbs while pregnant, but quickly gained it back...& then some)
I'm hoping that I can achieve this goal before the end of the summer. If I maintain my current rate of weight loss then I should reach that goal around mid-August.
A big part of me wishes that it would happen faster, but I know that in the long run it will be better for me to continue taking it slow. Actually, according to Weight Watchers, I'm STILL losing too quickly. They recommend a range of .5-2lbs/week.
I will update again soon with photos & measurements. I don't feel like I look any different, but I have noticed a slight difference in how my clothes are fitting, and other people say they can tell I'm losing weight.

Thanks for all of the support!