Sunday, May 24, 2009

Who I Am

I am the mother of an extraordinary child
I am the wife of an imaginative man
I am the daughter of two of the coolest parents ever
I am the sister of two amazing and brilliant individuals
I am the Aunt of two bright and beautiful little girls
I am a Granddaughter who has not had nearly enough time to know and appreciate the people who came before her the way that they deserve
I am the friend that you can call in the middle of the night when you need a shoulder to cry on, or even if you just want to talk
I am a teacher
I am an eternal student
I am the coworker who will work extra hours for you so that you can go home when you don't feel well even though I really don't want to
I am the stranger on the street who will look into your eyes and smile a genuine smile
I am the woman who will turn in the lost wallet full of hundred dollar bills with every single bill still in it's place even if I can't afford to buy my groceries that week
I am a lazy person who would rather sit down and stare into space than clean the bathroom
I am the bus passenger who will give up her seat to someone else at the end of a long day
I am the optimist who is always looking for the brighter side to every bad situation
I am a person who craves attention and accolades for her accomplishments
I am the shy little girl who is scared people will make fun of her
I am frequently paranoid that people are saying or thinking negative things about me behind my back...but I'm getting better.
I am selfish
I am honest to a fault
I am unbelievably sarcastic, which often gets me into trouble
I am stubborn
I am weak, but I am also strong
I am silly
I am serious
I am still that same crazy girl I was when I was 15
I am a responsible adult
I am a procrastinator in a big way
I am NOT an athlete, though I wish that I was
I am a lover of books
I am a singer, but only if there is no one around to hear me
I am an aspiring photographer
I am a wannabe writer
I am a proud Blockhead
I am a twitter addict
I am too many things to list
I am simply....

4 fabulous responses:

bejewell said...

Really love this post. And I'm a lot of these things, too. Except, if I've had a long day and you need a seat on the bus, you're screwed.

Wendi said...

Love this list.
I may have to steal *ahem* borrow this idea.
I enjoyed our little speed dating session.;)

Fawn said...

That's a great list, Shannon. I identify with so many of them.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

This is a fantastic post! So open and honest and insightful!

Thanks for sharing all the things you are.

BTW...sorry to have been gone so long. Have more time for reading blogs lately than I do commenting. I am trying to rectify that!