Thursday, October 30, 2008

Long Day

I'm going to make this quick because as the title has been a LONG day!

Today was Picture Day. It was also gymnastics class day, and we had a visit from a group of bigwigs from our corporate office. Plus I had someone observing my classroom. There were 19 children in my class today...2 of whom are in the process of potty training...the part of the process where they are wearing underwear even though they haven't grasped the whole concept of using the toilet yet. The picture people got to our class right at lunch time. Oh yeah, and tomorrow just happens to be Halloween so the kids are all jazzed up to begin with. Oh, and I'm pretty sure I'm suffering with a raging case of PMS at the moment. Perfect timing as always.

It's like being in "The Perfect Storm".

So anyway, I wanted to check in because I feel like I haven't been. There's not too much to tell at the moment. Ciara has reached an unfortunate phase of development. I call it the spoiled brat phase for lack of a better description. I'm thisclose to locking her in her bedroom until she's 30. We've threatened to take away trick or treating, but to no avail. She seems to be doing a bit better at the moment, but who knows how long it will last.

On the way home from work I saw a bumper sticker that made me go "hmmmm...really?". It said something like "Pull right for sirens and lights". I thought-"is it
REALLY necessary to make a bumper sticker to tell people not to be stupid? Does anyone really not know to do this?"
Then a few minutes later I was waiting to make a right turn at a stoplight and an ambulance approached the intersection with lights flashing. The light changed against the ambulance and I looked over to see the idiot in the left turn lane start to go. Seriously? How do you not see the lights or hear the horns blaring? The idiot did actually stop before causing a collision, but I suddenly understood that there might actually be a necessity for such stupid bumper stickers.

Ok, I'm cranky and having nothing nice to say so I'm going to take the advice of my elders and not say anything at all.

I hope everyone had a better day than I did!

7 fabulous responses:

Susan said...

I've tagged you at my blog.

Alicia W. said...

My whole week has been like that!! Just crazy-ness!! Hope you have a better day tomorrow. :o)

Liz said...

You would be amazed. My dad was a fireman for 35 years. My brothers-in-law are both firemen now. My husband is an ex-cop (turned pastor). And every one of them have told me story after story of the people who DON'T pull over & get out of the way when they come blazing through traffic with their lights flashing & sirens blaring. Stupid people!! Some people are just too dumb to breathe.

Tyne said...

No Way! That is hilarious about the bumper sticker. I saw a high speed car chase with a cop yesterday- the car that was being chased ran two stop signs coming towards me!

Hoping Ciara gives you a little peace and your weekend brings you rest and sanity!

A Crafty Mom said...

I'm so sorry about the potty training - I can really only handle one at a time - so I can't fathom you had that many in one class. You poor thing.

And as for Ciara - definitely a phase - we've been there too - I find this age difficult. I used to say the twos were the worst . . . until I had a three year old.

Hope your weekend is better, buddy!!

Claire said...

Hopefully today went alright for you! Blame it all on pms. Sometimes it IS hard to be a woman!!!

Carol said...

You deserve a sainthood for dealing with other peoples potty training kids. I don't even want to deal with my own. Hence why Eli is keeping Pampers in business for the forseeable future.