Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A few random questions

Ok, well they're really not that random, but they probably seem that way if you're not me.

When did it become acceptable to blow off commitments without so much as an apology?...and is this a generational thing?

Would you feel ok about spending nearly $70 on 7 cookies as a birthday gift for your boss...or am I the only one who finds this outrageous?

Can you think of anything that would cause my eyes to feel like someone poured acid on them when they begin to tear?

How many times do you have to tell your child "No" before they stop trying to convince you to say yes?

Is there a really great website that can break down all of the political garbage involved in the upcoming election enough that I can actually understand what the heck is going on and possibly have a fighting chance of making a well-informed decision?

That is all for now. Must sleep. Will begin behaving like a maniacal 15 year old girl in roughly 70 hours and I need to prepare myself.

11 fabulous responses:

Anonymous said...

Please forgive my less than stellar format, but I'm studying for midterms and everything is bullet points right now:

1) It's not acceptable. Never will be. So the second question is moot.

2) Yes, outrageous, even if you have the money to spare. Dude -- there are way better cookies for way less money: Trust me, you will never order cookies from anyone else ever again.

3) Maybe whatever is making them tear is the aggravating component of the tears...? Okay, that's the best I got; what is this, CSI?

4) As many times as it takes. Note: if you have ever given in just to shut them up, it takes longer for them to realize you finally mean it when you say "No." But eventually, if you stick to your guns, they will understand that you mean "No" when you say "No."

5) This is a great question. The thing is, there really is too much information out there. So you need to narrow down what you're looking for: is there an issue that is near and dear to you that matters more than anything else? Because you could see what the candidates say about that issue pretty easily. Also, both candidates have websites for their campaigns, and they lay out a lot of their intentions there, so if you want general info, that's good, too. Finally, Auds has a great post up with this same question, inviting people to comment and help her decide for whom to vote, & you can check that out at:
The coolest part is, no one is yelling or calling names, just laying out their reasoning. It's the most civil discussion I've seen yet.

And there you have it. Do I get an A for effort, at least?

Dorsey said...

1. Never in my opinion!!
2. THIS is insane!! Are these cookies hiding pretty little gold coins in them?
3. Ragweed? Oh, maybe that's just me..damned allergies!
4. My kids are 11 and 13, I'll have to get back to you on this one.
5. I'll ask the hubby, he stays up on all that crud.

What's with the maniacal behavior? I wanna come along? Oh, or are you going to see NKOTB?

Julie said...

I have no answers as you ask difficult questions. BUT I feel so left out of the NKOTB thing! Everyone I know seems to be going (I mean high school, college and law school friends and now blog buddies too) and no one asked me to come with :(

The Nice One said...

Cookie bouquet? But those cookies, pretty as they are, taste like garbage.
Are the allergies a problem with the eyes?

Regarding the children thing...OHMYGOSH.

Anonymous said...

IDk about the rest (I wonder too) but have you changed any of your make-up lately? I was reacting really bad to a new mascara (Clinique go figure) and it was making my eyes burn! Gl!

Laural Out Loud said...

On #4- it will never stop if you just keep saying no. Sometimes I cheat and say "We'll see." My daughter thinks this means yes, and lays off the nagging, but then forgets about it. I'm hoping this continues to work for a long time, since she's only four, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I can't improve on what anyone else has said, especially Mrs. Waltz, but my underlying comment is; WTF??? $10 per cookie? Were they laced with gold or something. Sheesh!

Marlena said...

I have also noticed an increase in senseless bailing on plans. I don't think it's entirely generational, but I do think that I see more self-centeredness in people under 25 than I remember seeing when I was that age. Although, maybe older people saw me that way, too.

As for cookies, I've come to the realization that very few pre-made booked goods ever compare to something baked at home. Even if the home baked stuff came from a box.

Doesn't conjunctivitis make your eyes burn?

I can't help ya with the kid question. :) My nephews listen when I say no, but I suspect it's only because I'm not their mother.

I feel like everything I read about politics is a lie or misleading. I usually just tend to vote with my party, since I at least know they're not going to screw me on the stuff I really care about.

Anonymous said...

Would you feel ok about spending nearly $70 on 7 cookies as a birthday gift for your boss

screw that!

Can you think of anything that would cause my eyes to feel like someone poured acid on them when they begin to tear?

I get that from allergies. It's been happening the past couple days and every once in a while my contact lense solution.

Is there a really great website

As a libertarian, I'd like to stab myself in the eye with a pitchfork. Having said that, tells you all the goods on all politicans whenever they spew they're crap. If you go right now, you can see the errors both candidates made from the VP debate last night.

Anonymous said...

2. No way I'd spend 70.00 on cookies. If you were going to spend that much, at least get something they can keep.....or use or something besides eat!!

4. HA HA HA HA. I'm glad only one of my kids can talk!!

Anonymous said...

Umm, yah people are idiots and assholes. So that should pretty much sum it up.