Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bloggy Love

This morning I was thrilled to discover that another blogger deemed my blog award-worthy!
Thank you to Alicia @ My Two B's and Me for thinking I am entertaining enough to deserve this...

I also recently received another award
This one was from Susan @ Life in the Psych Ward , and I have been remiss in properly thanking her until now. Sorry for taking so long Susan! Thanks for thinking I'm Brilliant!

I just never get tired of hearing that people actually like me.

As with most blog awards, these both come with stipulations. I'm supposed to pass each of them on to 7 other bloggers.

Yikes! There are just so many to choose from. It's going to be so tough to narrow it down, but I'll do my best. which blogs do I just love to pieces? I suppose the easiest thing to do is to tell you which blogs I simply have to read every time I see there's a new post...and I'm going to bestow BOTH awards on each of them, because I just don't think that my brain can handle doing more than that right now. Here goes...

1. The ever popular, and always amusing McMommy!

2. The lovely lady who has taught me almost everything that I now know about my camera...
Rachel @ American Mum.

3. The writing genius who would so be my best bud if I still lived with my parents because we'd practically be neighbors and I would harass her until she gave in and became friends with me...
Auds @ Barking Mad

4. The hysterically funny and unbelievably creative (even if she's a tad stalkerish...but who am I to talk?)...
Happy Hour Sue!

5. My other favorite stalker...Jen @ Daily Mish Mash.

6. My sister in sarcasm, fellow New Kids lover, and someone I am so happy to call my friend...Carol.

and finally...

7. Because I want to take her up on her offer to get her all drunk so she can tell me her own stalker stories and make me feel normal, and I'm thinking that giving her 2 awards might encourage her a bit...Bejewell @ The Bean.

Thanks for keeping me entertained ladies! Love ya lots!

8 fabulous responses:

Sue Wilkey said...

Well, talk about "just an honor to be in the category with the other nominees"!

Thank you Shannon!!!!!! I am swiping it right now. :)

Meaghan said...

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McMommy said...

Shannon!! Here I was...about to go to sleep....and you bestow two beautiful awards on me?!?!

Forget my jammies....where are my PARTY SHOES?!?
(oh, they were surgically removed from my swollen feet last night? Damn.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Mwah! Mwah! LOVES IT!

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks! I'm really honored!

Carol said...

Sisters in sarcasm?? I love it!

Thanks honey.

Jen said...

Thank you so much, Shannon! Who would have ever thought that I could get an award for being a stalker. My parents must be so proud. :)

Seriously--thanks for the award(s)!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwwww you absolutely made my day! And I'm totally flattered to be with all those other great writers/bloggers!

And hey, you are SO worthy of those awards! WORD!

Thanks again!

And yeah, we'd TOTALLY be BFF's if you lived around here again! Talk your hubby into it!

Laural Out Loud said...

Congrats on your awards! Very deserved. And you picked some great bloggers to pass them on to! Hope you're having a great weekend (with your second concert afterglow, lol).