Saturday, September 6, 2008

A trip to the Petting Zoo

I have this friend named Patti.
I met Patti the first weekend after we moved into our house. I walked into our back yard to do something and this crazy lady called to me from across the common area. I walked over and we introduced ourselves and quickly became inseparable. That is, we were inseparable right up until about the same time that I got pregnant when Patti informed me that she was moving halfway across the country.
I was very sad when Patti moved away. She was the first person that I had become really close friends with in a really long time, and I knew there was no way that I was going to be able to find a suitable replacement. Patti was one of the very first people to know when I got engaged, and she was the one who insisted we immediately head out and start shopping for dresses. She dragged me around to all of the bridal shops and made me feel like a princess (despite my reluctance to go along with the whole giddy bride thing). Patti was also one of the 1st to know of my pregnancy. In fact she gave me my very first gift...which just happened to be Lamby.
It was definitely hard to see her go.
Imagine my delight when I recently received an email telling me that she had just moved back to the area! I couldn't wait to see her again. Except that I did wait. We tried a couple of times to make plans, but life kept getting in the way.
Then the other day I got an email from Patti. She told me that she was going to be watching her 6 month old nephew for the weekend and she was panicked about finding things to do with him. I couldn't let my friend go it alone, so Ciara and I loaded ourselves up in the car and were off to the rescue!
Patti and her husband Dave, their nephew, and Ciara and I went to hang out with farm animals for the day. It was a lot of fun. Patti and I didn't get too much time to catch up, but it sure was nice to see her again. She hasn't changed a bit. She's still the same goofy Patti that I know and love. I just hope that we can figure out how to spend more time together again. It's a little harder now that she lives 20 minutes away instead of across the back yard. Having a 3 1/2 year old shadow makes things a little difficult as well.
I'm sure that we'll figure something out. I'm just happy she's back!

3 fabulous responses:

The Nice One said...

Oh I love the pictures! Especially the Clydesdale! Beautiful. Glad y'all had fun.

Tyne said...

Shannon, I was cracking up at your comment! seriously... I follow your blog daily, and now that I found the widget, I am your first follower! No McLoser for you!!!

Claire said...

Your photos look realy good - looks like you had a great time!