Monday, September 15, 2008

Rough Day

Top 5 reasons that today sucked...

1. After 2 days of steady rain the remnants of Hurricane Ike swept through over the weekend causing substantial flooding throughout the entire metro area. (Though I'll take this over what the people in Texas are dealing with any day)

2. I decided that yesterday was a great day to try to get Ciara completely out of pull-ups. She ended up having an accident sometime around 12:30 am. After cleaning her up and getting her back to bed I ended up having a long, intense conversation with my husband...causing me to wake up this morning with puffy, swollen eyes and feeling like death warmed over.

3. While I was working in Ciara's class this morning I had the
pleasure (read that as dripping with sarcasm) of watching my child trip and fall face first into the corner of a door frame.

4. Shortly after Ciara's fall I got to take a phone call from my friend and coworker (Ciara's teacher and my former co-teacher) in which she informed me that she fell over the weekend and broke her tailbone. The poor girl just can't catch a break. She fell and injured her back several months ago and then had to have surgery to repair the damage and on top of that both of her Grandmothers have passed away in the last 5 months. She recently began having issues with her ankle and was told that she needed to have surgery to repair torn ligaments. Her surgery was scheduled for last Thursday morning. On Wednesday morning her Grandfather passed away. She elected to go through with the surgery on Thursday and then on Friday afternoon while still recovering from said surgery, she attended the wake for her Grandfather. Saturday she was going to the doctor when she fell. I sure hope that this marks the end of her horrible streak of bad luck.

5. After 9 1/2 long hours at school/work, I asked Ciara to use the facilities before getting in the car to go home. I glanced over at her as she was preparing to sit on the potty and discovered this...

She's not sure how it happened. I know it wasn't there when I gave her a bath last night. I'm assuming that it happened when she fell this morning and she was so distracted by the pain in her cheek that she didn't even notice that she'd hurt her hip as well.

Loving life.

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6 fabulous responses:

TheAustinEmpire said...

Yep, you had a bad day. I hope tomorrow is much better. At least it's one day closer to the weekend.

jOni lAnE said...

oh no, your poor little punkin! i hate to see them like that. she needs some extra snuggles tonight.

Anonymous said...

I hate when they have a bad fall - hope she's doing better now and that today is better than yesterday. :)

The Nice One said...

Poor baby! Hope today is a better day.

Tyne said...

Sorry you had such a bad day yesterday. Hoping today is great 9sounds like it is off to a good start with ciara waking up dry!

Carol said...

That is not a great day.

Poor Ciara.

Hope you get to catch up on sleep tonight honey.