Sunday, September 28, 2008

Please Don't Go!

I'm not sure what's up with me lately, but I am in a terrible slump.

I feel like I should be blogging something, but when I go to start...I've got nothing.

I know that there have been several moments over the last few days when I've thought "Oh, I need to remember this moment so I can blog about it later!", but then when I get home, somehow it just doesn't seem interesting or relevant any more.

My stats are totally sucking it up right now. They've never been anything special, but I had a whopping 3 hits today. OUCH! To top it off, I lost one of my "followers". I hate to admit it, but I'm not sure who it was. I really do care about each and every one of you. I just didn't get a chance to really see who it was that thought I was special enough to follow. Please come back to me! I promise I'll be more interesting.

I'll do anything to get you back, really. Just name it and it's done.

Wait. Unless it's because of my Joey McIntyre obsession.

I know it's kind of silly and a lot of people find it pretty pathetic...but that's just not something I am willing to give up. It's been a part of me for nearly 20 years, and as much as I love the blogosphere, well I'm really sorry but I just can't. So if that's what drove you away I guess as much as it pains me, I'll just have to get over this hurtful little breakup of ours.

To the rest of my faithful 15...Thanks for sticking with me! I love you all to pieces. Please don't leave me. I know I've been a little boring lately, but I promise I'm trying really hard to find some inspiration. If you find yourself feeling excited about some other blog and you start to wonder if you have time for both of us...please tell me what I can do to fix our relationship before you up and leave me. I mean, no relationship is perfect, right? The secret to success is open and honest really, if you're not feeling satisfied, go ahead and let me have it!

Alright, I'm feeling a bit better now that I've got that off my chest. I'm going to go to bed and try really hard to think of something brilliant to write tomorrow.

Love to my remaining peeps!

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TheAustinEmpire said...

Hang in there friend. Don't worry, I have had my share of this lately too. I don't even have as many followers as you (I don't think). And as for's was about 1/3 of normal. Feedburner actually looked great on Friday (subscribers) and then Sat there were 5 less! I think people must be out enjoying the fall weather. I've been speed reading lately, meaning just reading stuff in reader, and only clicking over if I feel the need to comment. I imagine a lot of days I get the same done to me. Really.

So did you see my topic for T5T? It's all about the people who most influenced you. Something to blog about for sure. I will have it up tomorrow night, even if I don't manage to get mine done (super busy at the mo) I will do mine ASAP.

Anyway, no worries, when you have something to say your faithful readers will be here waiting.

Melissa said...

hey, at least you have 15 followers, I only have one, and that is you! (Thanks for being my one and only follower! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!)

But, as other people have told me, you need to blog for yourself, and not for others, so just blog what you want to, and don't worry about who's reading. That's what I've been doing with my blog. I mean, I love it when I know that people have been visiting, but lately I've been just blogging for me and my family.

HTH! I always find your stories interesting, and I try to read them every time I see that you posted a new one. Sorry if I don't always comment. I try to comment every time I read, but sometimes my hands are full with the baby and I don't get around to it.

Anyway, now that I've written you a short novel, I shall bid you good night!


Claire said...

Hahaha- I love that you blame Joey McIntyre. Though he SHOULD be held accountable. Maybe this blogger couldn't Hang Tough. They just don't have the Right Stuff to follow your blog. Don't worry.. I'll Be Loving You Forever Shannon. Just take your self proclaimed slump Step By Step and you'll find your groove ;) But I think you'r blog's great - so just Stay The Same!!! Hehehe

3boys247 said...

Oh Shannon, you are a riot. I also lost a follower and thought "what did I do?"

I will stick with you!

Congratulations on the 5.5 lb loss. I am trying to be looking fine by 2009, but I haven't joined up yet.

Jen said...

First of all, LOL at Claire's comment. Love all the New Kid references! :)

I try hard not to look at the stats. I was obsessed with it at first, but now I just try really hard to ignore it and put it out of my mind. I wish I could do the same with comments. I'm forever checking for those. I just love having feedback on what I've written.

I go through these phases at least once a month (usually around that time of the month--coincidence? Probably not.) and I think of deleting the entire blog. It usually passes in a few days. Hopefully your blogging funk will pass too, because I enjoy your posts. (Esp. the Joey ones) :)

Carol said...

I lost a follower too overnight.

I have been feeling out of blogging form lately. Rob even told me my posts are under par. Gotta love support like that.

Unknown said...

Well as of now, you have 17 followers, including me! Things are looking up girl!

Hope you are having a better Monday (I've been working on getting out of my slump too...)