Monday, September 15, 2008

A bit of success

Wow! I can't believe it! According to my scale I weigh a full 4 lbs less than I did at this time last week!

I full expected to be hanging my head in shame this morning. 2 days ago when I last stepped on the scale I was up 3 lbs from my initial weigh in. Granted, it was a totally random time of day- but still.

I did
ok with sticking to my goals at the beginning of the week, but by Friday my plan was pretty much shot. I at least have continued to think about every piece of food that I put in my mouth though.

I have to make this quick because I need to get ready for work and get Ciara up and ready as well, but here's a quick rundown.

Exercise- Ciara and I went for our really long walk (1 1/2 hours). It was more of a saunter, so I definitely can't classify it as cardio...but at least I was up and moving instead of sitting around watching tv.
The next day I got a workout by moving books and furniture around at work. I was definitely using my muscles, and I was sweating by the time I was finished. Heartrate went up for sure.
I never did use OnDemand for a workout. Gonna have to attempt that this week.

Food intake- Better than usual, but not good. I did however refrain from buying a bunch of junk at the grocery store yesterday. I've been trying to eat breakfast every morning- just something light like a banana or a bowl of cereal. Still struggling with snacking after work. I really need to work on finding ways to occupy myself besides watching tv. Need to reduce soda consumption as well.

Water- MUCH better!...well, at least for a few days. At least now I feel like it's possible.

This week's goals-
1. At least 2 workouts
2. Make an actual meal (rather than convenience food such as frozen pizza) for dinner at least 4 out of 7 days
3. Drink at least one 32 oz bottle of water every day
4. Shave off another 2 lbs from current weight
5. Make list of rewards for reaching mini-goals

Ok, seriously have to get dressed or I will be late! Good luck everyone!

8 fabulous responses:

Chelle said...

Way to go, Shannon! That's awesome!

3boys247 said...

You are motivating me. I WILL get to the gym this week!


Jen said...

Woooohooo! Congratulations on the 4 pounds! That is FANTASTIC!!

I'm going to add your link to my post. I can't seem to get the Linky to show up. Grrrr. :(

Claire said...

Well done on losing 4lbs!!

Drinking lots of water is my sure fire way of losing some lbs! That and being humiliated at my Weight Watchers class...;)

Keep up your hard work!

Jen E said...

Congrats! All you losing weight people are inspiring me to keep going this week. :)

The White House said...

Way to go! Four pounds? that is awesome.

Carol said...

Good for you.

Keep on going. We are all cheering you on honey.

Shannon said...

Four pounds is GREAT Shannon - that is terrific and I am so proud of you!!! Sounds like a good week - and I agree, you should set rewards for your mini-goals for sure.