Monday, September 15, 2008

A bit of success

Wow! I can't believe it! According to my scale I weigh a full 4 lbs less than I did at this time last week!

I full expected to be hanging my head in shame this morning. 2 days ago when I last stepped on the scale I was up 3 lbs from my initial weigh in. Granted, it was a totally random time of day- but still.

I did
ok with sticking to my goals at the beginning of the week, but by Friday my plan was pretty much shot. I at least have continued to think about every piece of food that I put in my mouth though.

I have to make this quick because I need to get ready for work and get Ciara up and ready as well, but here's a quick rundown.

Exercise- Ciara and I went for our really long walk (1 1/2 hours). It was more of a saunter, so I definitely can't classify it as cardio...but at least I was up and moving instead of sitting around watching tv.
The next day I got a workout by moving books and furniture around at work. I was definitely using my muscles, and I was sweating by the time I was finished. Heartrate went up for sure.
I never did use OnDemand for a workout. Gonna have to attempt that this week.

Food intake- Better than usual, but not good. I did however refrain from buying a bunch of junk at the grocery store yesterday. I've been trying to eat breakfast every morning- just something light like a banana or a bowl of cereal. Still struggling with snacking after work. I really need to work on finding ways to occupy myself besides watching tv. Need to reduce soda consumption as well.

Water- MUCH better!...well, at least for a few days. At least now I feel like it's possible.

This week's goals-
1. At least 2 workouts
2. Make an actual meal (rather than convenience food such as frozen pizza) for dinner at least 4 out of 7 days
3. Drink at least one 32 oz bottle of water every day
4. Shave off another 2 lbs from current weight
5. Make list of rewards for reaching mini-goals

Ok, seriously have to get dressed or I will be late! Good luck everyone!

8 fabulous responses:

Unknown said...

Way to go, Shannon! That's awesome!

3boys247 said...

You are motivating me. I WILL get to the gym this week!


Jen said...

Woooohooo! Congratulations on the 4 pounds! That is FANTASTIC!!

I'm going to add your link to my post. I can't seem to get the Linky to show up. Grrrr. :(

Claire said...

Well done on losing 4lbs!!

Drinking lots of water is my sure fire way of losing some lbs! That and being humiliated at my Weight Watchers class...;)

Keep up your hard work!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! All you losing weight people are inspiring me to keep going this week. :)

Tyne said...

Way to go! Four pounds? that is awesome.

Carol said...

Good for you.

Keep on going. We are all cheering you on honey.

A Crafty Mom said...

Four pounds is GREAT Shannon - that is terrific and I am so proud of you!!! Sounds like a good week - and I agree, you should set rewards for your mini-goals for sure.