Thursday, August 28, 2008

This is how I roll

Hooray! Jessica @ Farm Fresh Iowa is back with her It's Real Life festival. This week's assignment is "How I roll".

So here it is, my main method of beloved (and unbelievably, disgustingly messy) minivan in all it's un-tampered with glory.

I took these pictures this morning as Ciara and I were leaving for work.

Here is Ciara with her load of completely unnecessary items that must be taken with us as she meanders around before actually entering the vehicle.

This is Ciara's absolute favorite part of our car...she simply has to check every single day to make sure that it hasn't gone away.
This my friends is the foolish spider who somehow managed to make it's way into my passenger-side headlight only to perish when it was unable to find a way back out. I suppose the bulb will eventually need to be changed, but we won't let Ciara in on that little nugget of info just yet.
This is Ciara's little throne. As you can see, I do not really make any sort of attempt at keeping my car clean. I realized long ago that it was just pointless to even bother trying. On the floor you will notice several identical booklets, all of which Ciara has swiped on our way out of the school. We have a shelf full of them and she refuses to pass it without picking one up. There is also a first aid kit (which is primarily used for the lovely soapy wipes contained within), a lei that we picked up at a concert that has been in the car since July, Ciara's "slippers", and our portable potty. It's usually kept tidily away in it's little bag, but a week or so ago I had a meeting and Kevin was supposed to come pick Ciara up from school. Instead he called and asked me to meet him halfway between work and our I quickly packed Ciara into the car and took off as I was in a rush. Of course Ciara suddenly announced that she had to pee. Even though we were waiting for Kevin in the parking lot of a gas station which most likely had facilities useful in such cases...I thought the little potty seemed like a better idea. However, Kevin pulled in before I had a chance to finish getting it prepped and so I handed her over to him and took off. The potty has been sitting as you see it ever since.
This is my domain...all packed up and ready to go to work. Ciara's swimming stuff is under my bag. It has been sitting there since last Thursday when she had water day at school. Fortunately today was water day again and I can happily say that her things are no longer in my car. The paper on the floor is "art" that she did a few weeks ago. The children in her class were cutting out "things that you eat" from magazines and this was her contribution. It will end up in the garbage eventually, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
Here is Ciara performing her rituals as we prepare to depart. I covered her with her blanket, and now she is covering Lamby with her little blankie.
The back of the van. The suitcase has been there for about a month. Kevin took it to get repaired and just left it there. The tricycle has been there for about 3 weeks or so. Ciara had bike day at school and I never bothered to bring it back into the house.

And that's just about it. Nothing too exciting really...just lots of evidence of my slothfulness.

6 fabulous responses:

TheAustinEmpire said...

Of course your car looks eerily similar to the one we drive every day. Our Audi just hangs in the garage waiting to be driven on Saturdays and to the store, minus kids.

I can't say that I have a potty chair in mine though....but we do have a pack-n-play, a postal tub, lots of "artwork" and trash.

tiarastantrums said...

my daughter are the exact same way with blankies in the car!! so hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

now I'm not the only one with a potty seat in my car! At least yours has been put it better use. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can so relate to this, Shannon! Unfortunately, our house is the same way, too...! :P

Anonymous said...

Forget the car - Ciara is adorable! I just wanna smoosh her face! (And I mean that in the best possible way.)

Anonymous said...

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