Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The number 8 Connection

The way my brain works is completely bizarre. I hope that I don't scare you all off with my craziness, but since I found this fascinating I thought that I would share.

I really couldn't begin to tell you why I started thinking about this, but last night as I was thinking about my beautiful new niece I noticed a little something...

Jovey Caroline *******- (sorry, don't want any crazy stalkers hunting her down) in numerology her name breaks down to 16457(23- 2+3=5) 3196395(36-3+6=9) 5133135(21-2+1=3)…5+9+3=17…1+7=8

There are 8 letters in the name Caroline.

Born 08/26/2008 (2+6= 8) (However if you add her birth date up the number is actually 9) @ 08:18 am (8+1+8= 17…1+7=8)

She weighed 7lbs 10oz (7+1+0= 8)

Part of the reason that I noticed this was because my sister had a similar thing going on when she was born. Mary was born @ either 7:52am (8 minutes before 8) or 8:08am (I can't remember which for sure at the moment) on 8/18. I feel like there were more 8 connections, but I really can't remember at the moment. I just remember we always used to talk about Mary and all of the 8's.

This is what I was able to discover about the number 8 in numerology via google this morning...

8 represents balance; it's the number that brings reward to some and takes away from others. In shape and energy, 8 symbolizes the idea that all actions have consequences, and it strikes a balance not only in your financial health, but in matters of love and success throughout your life.

Just thought it was interesting (especially considering Mary and the number 8). Also- I found out after sending out an email to my family about this that 8 happens to be my Mom's favorite number.

Coincidence or something more?

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The Nice One said...

You're asking the wrong person. I am one of those nerds that gets so sucked into that stuff and totally believes it. MY first born had a weird thing...he was due on April 21 (4/21) but was born earlier in the month at 4:21 a.m. That had me going for years!