Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Geez, you really do have to be careful about what words you use in your blog!

Some sicko in Australia found mine doing a search for "going pee in her".

Somehow I doubt that my stories about Ciara's recent regressive behavior were exactly what they had in mind!

Now if I could just figure out why they chose to visit my blog even though the little blurb brought up in the search was so obviously
not about that!

I can only think of one thing to say...


4 fabulous responses:

Carol said...

If anyone can feel your pain it is me. Even after I changed the words and put 0's instead of o's I still get several visits a day from people directed by google looking for 34FF mammary glands.

The world is a crazy place!

Sandra said...

There really are some sick people out there!

Anonymous said...

Oh, honey, that's nothing. I have had much worse, usually involving boobies or vaginas.

I can only imagine how disappointed those searchers must be when they find me instead of boobies or vaginas.

Simply Shannon said...

and now I can add a search for "girls going potty on utube" to the list.
Seriously people...don't you have anything better to do with your lives?