Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What to do, what to do?

Alrighty peeps, here's my situation...

This afternoon I received a text from the former Assistant Director of my center. The gist of the resulting conversation was that there are a bunch of open positions at the school she is currently working at and she wanted to know if I was interested in applying for a position as a preschool teacher there. She said that her boss is "very proper and picky", that I was the first person that she thought of for the position, and that she would happily recommend me. I am completely flattered that she thought of me, however, I'm not entirely sure that I think it's a good idea.

These are the main points I'm considering...

1. I don't actually have my degree and while having one is not necessarily a requirement it is most certainly preferred.

2. It is a salaried position while my current job is hourly. It would most likely pay considerably more than I am currently making. There are even opportunities to earn more than the basic salary. The big negative...the salary is based on a 45 hour work week. I'm technically a 30 hr/week employee currently, even though I generally work closer to 40.

3. I LOVE the idea of more money, but HATE the idea of working more than I already do.

4. The new job would be fairly demanding, which is a bit of a conflict with my slothful tendencies.

5. The program and curriculum would be really great for Ciara...however I would be right back to facing the same problem that I just got away from... Ciara is a preschool age child, and therefore if I took a position as a preschool teacher I would be her teacher. This DOES NOT work! There are positions available in other classrooms though.

6. The school is further from my house than my current job, which means even more time commuting and less time to be at home taking care of my family.

7. I've been at my current job for nearly 5 years. I've finally just about earned that precious 3rd week of vacation time. I am comfortable and happy there. I know what to expect, and I respect and like my coworkers. Ciara is equally comfortable and I really don't want to uproot her unless I have to. She's been at the center her entire life.

8. Getting out of work to try to go interview would be nearly impossible right now.

I could go on and on. I really don't know what I should do. Do I send a resume and try to figure out a way to check it out...or do I just assume that it's not really the right fit right now and continue on with the status quo?

What would you do?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon! I found your blog through FB and I've been lurking for a little bit now...

First congrats on being wanted someplace! Just the fact you could get a hire paying job is great, but the other aspects don't sound ideal. Maybe this won't work like it does in academia, but if I were you I'd apply for the job, and see if you get an offer. Then, you have a decision to make, and you have leverage. Could you use that to maybe argue for a bit of a raise where you are now? Tell them you really want to stay but the money... What's the possibility of that?


Marlena said...

I would send in a resume and check the place out. Maybe after an interview, your decision will be more clear. Also, I agree with Wendy. If you have an interview and are offered a position, but still torn, see if you can talk to your current employer about a raise or maybe even some more vacation time (if the new job offers more).

A Crafty Mom said...

Check it out for sure - send a resume or whatever. You don't want to ever think "I wish I'd considered it", KWIM? You'll probably get some gut feelings on what to do. And you can interview if you have to - just call in sick or something!!! Good luck!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Congratulations on getting such high accolations from your current boss! But, from all the reasons you listed, it doesn't sound like your heart is really in making that move. I do agree that maybe you could use this opportunity to try and gain some leverage at your current position. But ultimately, you need to do what makes you happy, and it sounds (from what you wrote) like the situation you're in is working well for you. Good luck, it's a tough one!

PS Just because you don't have your degree - don't let that stop you from pursuing something if you ARE interested.

Anonymous said...

I agree with watershed and marlena, however, I do think, re-reading your post, you've answered your own question.

Some other things to consider though...longer commute means more money spent on petrol, so logically speaking, how much more money is it really going to be in the end when you factor that in, and time spent away from your family.

My other big consideration in this situation would be my daughter. From my own perspective, consistency is everything in the Little Imp's life right now and I would NOT want to remove her from a situation where she is both comfortable and has a long established bond built up. For us anyhow, it would just cause more trouble than the raise would be worth.

Watershed is correct though, you now have leverage to use with your current employer and I think I would use it to your advantage. This is something you could do without even having to interview.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hi there-
wendy & marlena pretty much said exactly what i was going to say. it never hurts to put yourself out there and then be in a position where they need you more than you need them, at both jobs. definitely a good place for some leverage there! ;) my dad always tells me to get whatever it is first, make the decision after (aka, win the lottery money first, then spend the money, ha ha). good luck-- it sounds like you're on the right track for making a thoughtful decision. isn't it funny how when these opportunities come, they're never easy? ;) good luck!

Simply Shannon said...

Thanks ladies. Good advice from all. Kevin really wants me to at least check it out...for the financial aspect. I will probably forward my resume and see what happens, but I doubt that I'll be going through with any changes. Like Auds mentioned, it's just too much of a big change for Ciara to take it lightly. I am happy where I am now and there is plenty of room for advancement for me.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like I'm late to the party on this one, but I just wanted to say congratulations on being recommended for the position. That is exciting. I agree with everyone else and your final decision to check it out.

I used to teach preschool and after two years I realized it was SO not me. I think it takes a very special person to do this.

Good luck with whatever happens and keep us posted!