Sunday, July 13, 2008

Real life update

I was very productive today and decided that I could now show you the parts of my home that I steadfastly refused to share previously.
I do realize that the fact that I went and cleaned everything sort of takes away from the whole "real life" aspect...but whatever. It's my blog and I'll do what I want to. It's not like the place is all organized and spotless...just considerably less filthy than it was before.

In the first week of our "Real life" assignments, we were asked to reveal our refrigerators. I allowed you to peruse the exterior, but declined to show the contents for fear that I would cause undo stress to all of the "Type A" people who might stumble upon the photos unawares.

Please allow me to present my now freshly scrubbed, stocked and (mostly) organized fridge!

I don't think we have been asked to show our kitchens as of yet, but I'm terribly proud of myself and so I'm going to share it anyway. Since my recent discovery of Flylady I have managed to keep it looking pretty much like this...

You'll have to trust me when I tell you that this is a vast improvement. I'm not sure that you would have been able to locate the counter or table tops under the mountains of useless junk a couple of weeks ago.

Finally, week 3 was supposed to be a reveal of our bedrooms. Uh, no. That was so not going to happen! However, since I spent the entire day cleaning I am now happy to present it to you, completely unfiltered!

Voila- Chez Shannon!
This is the desk where I spend way too much time avoiding the realities of my life.
Notice that I still have a rather large pile of ironing waiting to be done! You can also sort of see a tiny little bit of the gigantic pile of shoes spilling out of Kevin's side of the closet.

Um, no explanation really needed here, right? The dresser is Kevin's. I didn't attempt to tackle his pile of junk today. I've gotta leave him something to do on his own after all, or what kind of wife would I be? Sorry that you don't get to see my fabulous bedding- it was in the laundry.

This is my dresser. Notice the giant pile of DVD's? Kevin is in the process of converting them all to ipod format. He's such a gadget geek! You might also notice the fact that the second bi-fold door is missing from Kev's closet. Isn't that charming?!

Phew. Now I'm all caught up and ready for our next assignment! Just PLEASE don't ask to see my bathroom! It's next on my list, but I haven't made it quite that far yet.

2 fabulous responses:

Carol said...

Wow you have been busy!

It looks fabulous.

My house needs TLC!

Anonymous said...

Much like Carol, my house not only needs TLC but a massive overhaul.

Your fridge is so clean and mine is....NOT. I weep for a clean fridge.