Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Just a few random thoughts...

Ciara just totally cracked me up. She found an old ring of mine and was playing with it. She decided to do a "magic trick" that her father apparently does for her. I wasn't paying too much attention and she started shouting at me...
"Mommy, say it left appeared!"

"It left appeared?"

"Yes, Mommy! Say it leftappeared! Like Daddy. Daddy always tells me it leftappeared!" (as she's clutching the ring in her hand behind her back)

"Oh, you mean it disappeared?"

"yeah, it left appeared."

"See, here it is!"

I love kid logic!

I feel like I can't do justice to the way that Ciara speaks, so here is a video that is a pretty good example...

I hope that helps you to hear her little voice when I write about the funny things that she says!

I recently introduced Ciara to fireflies. Like most children, she's totally fascinated by them. Generally speaking she is not a fan of insects. We were driving home from work the next day and she wanted to know why she couldn't see any fireflies, so we talked about how fireflies sleep during the day and come out at night. She started talking about how the fireflies needed to go home and sleep in their honey homes (honeycombs). I swear I almost crashed the car because I was laughing so hard!

As we were baking cookies today I noticed that Ciara was behaving far better than she had been all day long. She had a particularly ornery day at school today. I came to the conclusion that I may have to cut back on the blog addiction and actually go back to paying attention to her again. Who would have thought that a 3 year old would need attention? I mean really, wouldn't you have thought that 3 years was plenty of life experience for a kid to know how to fend for themselves?! I guess I'll just have to make a smarter kid next time so that my blogging doesn't have to suffer so.

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Carol said...

She is so adorable not to mention funny.