Saturday, July 19, 2008

The magic that is YouTube

If you've been keeping up, by now you know all about my New Kids obsession.
This morning I was catching up on shows on my DVR and decided to re-watch the Today Show reunion from back in May. Ciara continues to ask to listen to "Don't go girl" and "Loving you Forever" every single time we are in the car, so I had her come and watch it with me. It was fun.

Anyway, as I was watching for the 4th time (at her request) I started thinking back to the very first time that I saw the boys from Beantown...way back in 1988 (oh my gosh, has it really been 20 years?! That just freaks me out every time I think about it). I've always been sad that I didn't know to record the tv show that I saw them on ahead of time, because even though I recorded just about every other performance that ever existed, I was never able to relive that first one. The one and only "Love at first sight" performance...lost forever. I could weep just thinking about it.

You know how there are snapshot moments in life? The ones where you remember everything like it was yesterday- where you were, what you were doing, etc? I don't have too many of those personally. Let's see, there's 9/11 of course, the Challenger explosion, The day Princess Diana died...and the day that I first saw New Kids on Don't Just Sit There. I remember that I was sitting in our living room with my little sister watching DJST on Nickelodeon as we often did. I remember seeing these boys in their baseball jerseys and making my sister shut up so that I could hear them. I distinctly remember thinking that Joe (I know he goes by Joey, but in my mind, he's always been Joe) was just too cute for words, and also wondering how old he was because I thought that I might be too old for him. I remember trying to find out just who this group was because I wanted MORE! Unfortunately, these were the days before you could find anything you wanted in 2 seconds just by typing a few words into a google search. Nobody in my tiny little town in Maine had ever heard of these guys before, so I was forced to just sit back and hope for another chance encounter. Of course in just a few short months everyone in the world knew who they were and I was overjoyed to have as many encounters with them as I wanted. But still, that very first glimpse was history. Something that would have to live on forever only in my memory (and the archives of Nickelodeon)...until today!

For as I was dancing with my daughter, I suddenly thought of the glorious marvel of technology that is YouTube! "Wait!" I said to myself..."You can find anything on YouTube! I bet I can find it in no time". And guess what? I WAS RIGHT!

Here, for your viewing pleasure...NKOTB on Don't Just Sit There circa 1988 (I think, it may have been '89)

The best part of finding this is laughing about how terrible they were! I still think that Joe looks adorable though.

15 fabulous responses:

Carol said...

Shannon, that just made me feel 15 again.

Oh how I loved them. Is it bad that I still kinda wanna marry Jordan?

Liz said...

Oh my gosh! I had to giggle at Jordan's "tail" on the back of his head....and the cheesy dancing (which I LOVEDDDD at the time), and the computer generated pop music backup. LOL! I love it!! I can't believe you found that video. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to pop in and say how much I loved the new layout.

Will be back soon when I've figured out how to get the hubby to STOP SNORING!!!!!!!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Jordan was my man. Had the big huge button on my jean jacket and a t-shirt with his picture on it. Too funny that you found that...20 years??? Geez!

Marlena said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Remember when we used to pool our little poster magazines and photocopy the pictures and articles to put into photo albums? Good times.

I first saw them on that Saturday morning video show that used to be on. We didn't have cable out in Wool'ich.

BookMamma said...

YES!! I was a Jon girl. We were going through my mom's attic and found all my old NKOTB posters. I snatched them up and took them home with me!!

Thanks for finding that video!! Good times.

Unknown said...

Oh how I loved seems like so long ago, but I remember watching them on Saturday morning at my best friend's house.
Thank you for the memories and Happy POW!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the darn video to play. I guess there are too many 30-something moms out there trying to recapture their youth.

I totally know what you mean though. I can remember my first encounter with the 'Kids'. I was at my grandmother's house and was watching some music video show (not Mtv or VH1, though) and I was instantly in love. It was the "Please Don't Go Girl" video. That is still my favorite song!!

Great post!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

OMG! I was in love with the NKOTB. I had a ton of posters, those HUGE buttons, T-Shirts, and all kinds of BOP magazines just full of pics of the boys. Joey was my favorite too.

It is just wild that they are back together.

Happy POW!

Leslie said...

lol, kind of takes me waaaaay back. Thanks for the blast from the past. Happy POW!

Allison R said...

I love this!!! I am actually going to see them when they're in Dallas. I can't wait :)

Scrappy Girl said...

Love that you admit to comment addiction...LOL. I loved Joey too. I had so many posters on my door. My daughter is having an 1980's dance club birthday part so I have an exscuse to request NKOTB form the DJ! Great POW!

McMommy said...

YouTube is fantastic for finds like that!!!!!

p.s. Tell Carol to lay off...Jordan is mine.

Megan said...

Yikes, that was a big jarring blast from the past. Thanks for the flashback!

3boys247 said...

Isn't Youtube the best. My kids are always finding 80's rock bands to listen too.

Happy POW!