Sunday, July 6, 2008

learning the ropes

I'm all moved over to my new site now. Yay!

I spent much of this morning avoiding the large pile of ironing that is sitting next to me, and instead concentrated on learning a bit of html. FUN! I'm not even close to knowing what I want to know, but at least I have some idea how it all works now.
My husband has promised to work on making my blog fabulous this week. My only issue is that I don't want him to just do it for me, I want to learn how to do it myself!!!

There has been one major casualty in my move to hosting my own blog...I lost my blog roll!!!! I can't figure out how it happened. Everything else stayed in tact, but when I went to see if anyone had anything new to say I was astonished to find that it had simply vanished. The heading was still there, but there was not a blog to be found. Ack! Catastrophe! I tried to go on memory and put everything back...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I didn't forget anyone! I would hate to miss some exciting posts just because I'm a certified space cadet! I'm sure if I forgot anyone, I'll figure it out soon. If you know that you were there before and notice that you have disappeared, please do not be insulted and DEFINITELY let me know so I can remedy the situation!!!

Ok, time to stop goofing off and get some stuff done around here!

2 fabulous responses:

A Crafty Mom said...

Great job Shannon!!! I'm anxious to see your new changes - so far I love it :-)

p.s. ironing is highly overrated. Do what I do . . . hang my clothes up on hangers and spritz them with a water bottle . . . hang to dry . . . it seriously looks like I've ironed!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the new site. Great layout so far. Look forward to seeing what else you have in store.

Oh, and I agree with Shannon...ironing is SO overrated! I just toss it back into the dryer unless we're going to a wedding or a funeral.

Oh and Downy's Wrinkle Release is FABULOUS! Hang the item on a hanger, spray it and voila, ten minutes later it looks nice and fresh and smells great too!