Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Last night there was nothing on TV that was deemed worthy by my family, so we decided to go throught the semi-painful ordeal of picking a movie out from my parents collection.
We wanted something that wouldn't freak Ciara out and in the end settled on watching "Splash". It wasn't really anyone's first choice, but we thought that Ciara would enjoy seeing the mermaid.

So anyway, we were watching the movie and Ciara was sort of paying attention to parts of it. It got to the part when Madison is exposed as a mermaid and thrown into the research tank. Ciara was sitting on my Mom's lap and asking 3 million questions about every little thing that happened (to the point that my Mom asked her if she knew any words besides "Why?"). I was half paying attention to the movie, but mostly paying attention to my father's pocket sudoku game when I heard my daughter pipe up with the question of the decade...
"Nana, why does she have a fluke?"

Me: "Mom, did she just ask why she has a fluke?"
My Mom: "Yep, that's what she said."

Crazy kid.

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A Crafty Mom said...

LOL at fluke!! I hope you're enjoying your vacation (and no more ER visits!) - I love Maine, we travel there every summer. I'm from the east coast of Canada so we drive down thru Maine each summer for our vacation. I'm a teacher too, so I totally *get* what you mean when you say "you need a vacation". You deserve it!!!!!

Wendi said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I came by to "meet" you.
Love the "fluke" story.
Hope your evening of tv is better tonight.

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Leave it to Ciara for giving us a giggle!

I used to LOVE the movie Splash. As in watched it over and over. My parents recorded it on VHS from the Disney channel and I'd watch it non-stop. Knowing my mom, she's still probably got it somewhere!