Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wearing the ol' "Drama Queen" crown today!

Don't you just love it when you make a huge deal about something and then it turns out to be absolutely nothing at all?

My boss was completely lovely today and had nothing but constructive and pleasant things to say to me. There was one particular set of parents who had a conference with the old teacher and H while I was away and she really just wanted to make sure that I was informed about what was said and that I continue on with the things that they really liked.

Now I get to go in tomorrow and apologize to C for acting like a big Ninny.

At our Staff meeting tonight we had a silly made up awards ceremony. Before I left for vacation the ballots were passed out. I think that there were 15 awards for 13 people or something like that- so everyone got something. I am fairly certain that I got a full 100% of the votes for the award that I won...I am now Officially the "Most Flexible" teacher at our center. Now before you go and get the wrong idea like my friend Jessica apparently did- this Does NOT mean that I will be quitting my job to run off and join Cirque Du Soliel. It simply means that I am a huge push over. Yay Me!

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