Wednesday, June 25, 2008

She makes me giggle

This evening Ciara was driving me bonkers!
She was hyper and into everything, not listening, climbing all over me, etc. At one point I flat out yelled at her...after which she made me feel terrible because she looked so sad and came to cuddle with me in her sad, pitiful way, saying "I'm sorry I was naughty Mama. Are you angry?"
Stinker. Didn't stop her for long though, she just went right back into acting like a fool.
So then, right as Dancing with the Stars is ending and I'm getting ready to take her up to bed...she spontaneously busts out with this...

How do you compete with that?
Looks like I have a little Jason Castro fan on my hands. At least I'm assuming that's where she got it from. I know she watched that performance with me and I know she paid particular attention to him because she thought he looked like Zach Braff (Her father has had her hooked on Scrubs since infancy). Every time she saw him she said "Look Mama, it's JD!"...silly girl!

2 fabulous responses:

Anonymous said...

Any girl that loves Jason Castro is my kind of girl.

I yelled at my kids today too. I just couldn't take the whining anymore. Sometimes I think they need that wakeup call to snap them out of their craziness. Well, even if it is just for a few minutes.

Carol said...

I love ths age!! But I still wish we got vacation time off.