Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Real Life" Festival

Okey dokey people, here it is...the cold hard truth about my "real life". Please try not to gasp in horror.

This is my fridge...or at least as much of the outside of it as I could capture. I could never show you the inside as it would scar you for life.

This would be our coat closet. The rest of our closets are far more cluttered. Again- sorry that you can't get the full picture, but the space around it is confined a bit and this was the best that I could do.
My fabulous kitchen sink- which for once does not contain a single dirty dish. Woo Hoo!

(I promise- I didn't do it on purpose for the husband has friends coming over tomorrow)

My not often used toilet in our downstairs half bath. Gotta love the plunger!
My favorite shoes. My husband hates them enough that he actually went and bought me a new pair of flipflops. Sorry sweetie, they just don't cut it.
My favorite room- our living room. As you can see, it is well used.

What my daughter is doing right now...why aren't I in bed again? Oh yeah, the blog addiction strikes again!

The disgustingly large pile of ironing that I need to do- don't you just love vacations?!

Moi. I'm not really sad- the flash just made my eyes water a lot and I had to look away to avoid accidently blinding myself permanently.

Hope you enjoyed your brief glimpse of how I live. You'd better not chicken out now or I'll hunt you all down one by one!

14 fabulous responses:

McMommy said...

Personally, I love your flip flops!!! I used to have a pair like that and they were soooooo comfy!

I loved peeking in at your Real Life! I am going to get mine up soon....maybe during Carter's nap this morning!

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

woo-hoo glad to meet you thru "it's real life". :-)

A Crafty Mom said...

No gasping in horror here!! I loved it! We have the alphabet magnets on our fridge too . . . and I love the sleeping daughter pictures - sweet!

Carol said...

Poop I totally forgot about this, loved the glimpse into your life though!!!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Well done, Shannon! I can barely get out of bed, but I have promised to do this when I am feeling better.

Joy said...

Great pics!!! I can relate to the tiny closet!

Unknown said...

Awesome! Great peeks of your house, and you. Gotta love a fellow flip-flop lover. How is it you've managed to keep all the letters to your phonics? We don't even have all the parts to our fridge farm! Thanks for playing--we'll definitely do it again!

gina said...

I used to have straw flip flops when I was a kid- i hate the feel of something between my toe and it's a bummer because that kind of sandal is never as cute as the flip flops are. :)

Anonymous said...

Does EVERYONE have those magnetic letter things on their fridge? Do you spend as much time picking them up off the floor and finding them in weird places as I do?

stacey said...

"why aren't I in bed again?"
Haha! That's how I feel I need to go to bed I am SOOO tired but here I am looking at everyone's "It's Real Life" Pictures!!!
Nice to meet you ~great pictures!!!

Beth Cotell said...

At least you were brave enough to do this! Maybe she will do it again and I will post something! Until then, I'm enjoying looking into everyone elses homes!

Anti-Supermom said...

I love how everyone shared their homes, but no way will you find me doing this - well maybe now, that the house is Sunday clean!

Thanks for the blog visist~

Clickin Mama J said...

I love the flip flops. Flip flops are my favorite too.

Anonymous said...

You write very well.