Sunday, June 22, 2008

Open letter to Barbie...

Dear Barbie,
I know it has been a long time, and I'm sorry that I haven't kept in touch. It is unforgivable.

After everything that you have done for me and taught me over the years, it is appalling to think that I was capable of shoving you into a giant black garbage bag and tossing you into my parent's attic to wait out the years until I was ready to pull you back out again to hang out with my daughter. I am truly sorry. I don't know what I was thinking.

I'm sure that you weren't surprised when it happened. There had been some obvious signs that it was coming for quite some time. Visits had become sporadic and short, and when we did see each other I was fairly cruel.

I am sorry for all of the pain that I inflicted upon you over the years. I can't imagine how you found the strength to go on after everything that I put you through.

You really taught me so much over the years. You taught me how to be a feminist and still stay feminine. You taught me about fashion, cars, and interior decorating. You showed me the vast world of career opportunities available to me as you tried each one out for yourself in your never-ending quest for perfection. You taught me to be a nurturing caregiver as you helped Skipper navigate her awkward tween years, and later when you and Ken had children. I learned about fiscal responsibility as I saved all of my money to buy you the perfect outfits and accessories. I learned that life is not always fair and you won't always be able to have your perfect dream house...but it is still fun to go and hang out at your friend's! I really did learn a lot from you Barbie. I'm sorry that I was too blind to see it at the time.

I am so sorry that I mistreated you the way that I did. It must have been horrifying to spend most of your time stark naked and shoved into a tiny, dark box. Oh, and those terrible haircuts! I swear, I really didn't know that your hair would do that when I cut it. I just thought that you would look so adorable with a bob!

You really must have hated me as I grew older and started watching Santa Barbara, and Another World. You are a true survivor. How many other women out there could claim to have survived all that you have been put through? The list is just wrecks, kidnapping, comas, torture, mutilation, rape. I really don't know how you managed to come out of it all with a smile on your face. You are a truly remarkable woman.

Thank you Barbie, I wouldn't be the woman that I am without you. This is why I must ask you to endure it all again.

You see, I have this beautiful little girl and she needs you. I know that you will be good to her, and teach her all of the same lessons that you taught me, and my mother before me. Her name is Ciara, and even though she hasn't quite figured out who you are yet she already loves you. Please forgive her when she calls you "Darbie"...I just can't bring myself to correct her. I promise that I will do my best to see that she treats you with a little more kindness than I did.

Thank you my old friend!
With Love,


7 fabulous responses:

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Classic! Mads is just starting to get into Barbie and she is crazy about the different dolls!

I'm so mad because I don't know what my parents did with all my Barbie stuff from growing up - I had TONS of it! My fave was the fashion show stage that had a remote control.

Or was it Twist 'n Curl Barbie - who came with a little machine to twist 'n curl my hair too!

Then again, I loved the big Barbie head you could put makeup on, do her hair.

Oh, Mads is missing out.

And so is my wallet now that I need to start a whole new collection!

BTW, I too LOVED Santa Barbara.But even more, I loved Sunset Beach. How disappointing when it was going off the air, and Meg woke up to it all being one big dream. To think I believed in all of it!

mmkay, off to type in those letters (word verification) and wonder why there is a handicap symbol next to it.

I mean, I am semi-handicapped right now with the back and all, but my computer must be pretty smart to know that! I thought the internet was pretty much non-discriminatory!

Anti-Supermom said...

This is so funny! I played with Cabbage Patch dolls and I only wish I could pawn them off on my boys, that way I'd still get to secretly play with them!

poor Barbie with a bob

A Crafty Mom said...

I so glad I am not the only one who cut Barbie's hair off!!! I'm secretly excited for my baby to get older so she can play with stuff I did when I was a kid!! Awesome post :-)

McMommy said... you remember Peaches n Cream barbie?? With the beautiful peach ballgown?

She was my ABSOLUTE favorite!!!

Your letter is so cute and funny! Perfect POW!

Wendi said...

Oh how I love open letters.
They are so theraputic.
Happy POW!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing none of us were ever brought up on charges for the abuse we inflicted upon our poor, victimized Barbies. The bob haircut alone should be punishable by at least 3 to 5.

jOni lAnE said...

HA! I wanted to see a picture so badly! Did your Barbie have rat-nasty hair like mine did from being over-brushed and styled?? Loved it.
Happy POW!