Sunday, June 1, 2008

Blogging goals

I have spent the better part of this weekend ignoring the long list of chores I need to tend to and browsing through blogs instead. I must say that reading blogs is far more entertaining than tackling a mountain of ironing! However, I can gleefully boast of accomplishing both tasks- my ironing basket is EMPTY for the first time in months! Woo Hoo! (I'm just going to skim over the fact that there are still several loads of laundry waiting to be done)

I really am very new to the blogging world. When I started mine back in January I hadn't ever actually read any besides the one Jason Mraz does on MySpace. (He's very amusing if you've never checked it out) Now that I have actually ventured out into the vastness of the Blogging world I am feeling woefully inadequate. So here are my goals...

1. Stop being so darned wordy! Stick to quick anecdotes or people will run away before even reading a word.

2. Learn more about how to make my Blog look cool.

3. Write a blog every day, because practice makes perfect.

4. Make friends with others so that I can steal their cool ideas!

So there you have it. Please check back often and let me know if I'm reaching any of them.

2 fabulous responses:

Carol said...

I loved your blog before honey so I am excited to see the new and improved version!

The Mrs. said...

I love your background!

I'm wordy too... dont apologize for it!