Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I felt something today that I haven't felt in quite a while...a strong sense of accomplishment!
I spent most of my day at work cleaning and rearranging my classroom. I'm not sure what got into me, but for some reason I just felt like it needed to happen right then and there and I whipped myself into a cleaning frenzy. I'm still not completely finished, not by a long shot. The coolest thing about it was how great I felt afterwards. I've always felt a tad overwhelmed in that classroom. It just felt so crowded and disorganized. It never really mattered until it became "my room" (well, mine and Jessica's). When Jess joined our lovely team at work (before we became co-teachers) the first thing that she did was to organize and rearrange the room. I loved what she did and it made a huge difference, but I still felt overwhelmed in there. Since I switched into the room I have wanted to do some serious cleaning up, but somehow it was never a priority until today. Fortunately we ended up only having 15 children in class today, which made it easy for me to leave Jess to deal with them while I focused on the task at hand. It made the day a little crazy (probably more so for poor Jess!), but it felt SO good to get it done! I feel like I can function now.
Now if only I could feel just as motivated to do the same thing at home! I'm beginning to feel like our entire house looks like some 90 year old woman's attic. Ugh!

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Carol said...

Everything feels so much more manageable when it's tidy! I totally agree. The fact that I know that should probably motivate me to tidy our bedroom but it won't!