Saturday, January 19, 2008

looking forward

The first week is officially over.
I wish that I could say that I did such an amazing job and I've already lost a few pounds, but it just didn't happen that way this week. I'm still proud of myself, but I definitely left plenty of room for improvement!
I met my workout goals for the week! I went into the gym Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. Wednesday's workout was a bit shorter than I wanted it to be, but I needed to get home to my family and dinner, and I decided that half a workout was better than no work out at all. I have to figure out my schedule for next week, but I'm aiming for 3 workouts by next Saturday.
Diet-wise I didn't do quite as well as I would have liked to. There were definitely still too many things in the house to tempt me this week. However, I did an excellent job at the grocery store! The only junk food purchased was a bag of jelly beans I gave Ciara for being such a good helper. She ate a few of them and the rest are in the console in my car to give to her at a later time.
I had one "perfect" day this week. On Wednesday I ate only what was served to the children at school, and I limited myself to one serving of everything. When I got home I put dinner in the oven and then went to the gym. I came home and ate a single serving of a "Healthy Eating" dinner. (HUGE props to myself for actually eating the broccoli in the dish!!!! I hate broccoli and I never, ever eat it. I decided to behave like a grown-up and give it a try this time, and discovered that the sauce covered the taste of the broccoli almost completely. Yay me!) After dinner I put Ciara to bed and allowed myself a handful of pretzels and an apple as a snack before I went to bed myself. The one negative for the day was that my H2O consumption is not even close to what it should be. I really don't know why I can't seem to manage to drink water during the day!
Thursday night was my holiday dinner for work. We went to a pizza place and I didn't even attempt to control myself. I did however tell my coworkers about my efforts and my blog and recruited them to help keep me motivated. One of the girls has fought this battle and won in the past- so I know that she is a great resource for me.
I was unable to resist the pull of the scale this week and weighed myself a couple of times. The fact of the matter is that at this weight it's silly to try to live and die by the scale. My weight can fluctuate a few pounds in the course of a single day, so I refuse to let a few numbers dictate how I feel about what I did this week. I did weigh in today and at the time of weigh-in I was up 2 lbs from last week. I'm not letting that discourage me, because I know that I am on the right track.

Today has not been a good day for me. I have been tired and sluggish all day, and the weather is not helping me out. The wind-chill today is well below 0 and the thought of venturing outside makes me cringe. I don't think that tomorrow will be much better, but I'm going to try to squeeze in some exercise in some form during the day. I'm not sure if I'll actually make it to the gym, but maybe I can do some stair climbing here at home or something.

Goals for this week:
Get back on track with the new diet- eat only what is served to the children during the day, a healthy dinner, and a healthy snack before bed each day.
Try to get the H2O consumption up
Hit the gym at least 3 times for a minimum of 30 minutes each trip

Oh, for the record...I know I still need a "before" pic, but I don't have a timer on my camera so I need to recruit a photographer before I can post one! I'll try to do that this week as well.

Thank you to those of you who have taken the time to follow my journey. It really helps me to know that there are people out there supporting me in my efforts.

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